“This compulsively readable autobiography traces the journey of a remarkably courageous woman from a childhood under Nazi Germany, through her marriage and then emigration to Australia to make a new start by developing an organic winery in McLaren Flat in South Australia. After traumatic experiences she has had to battle with bipolar mental disorder. Giselle tells her story in flawless prose and with compelling honesty. This is the story of a strong woman adding to the growing literature on women’s lives. The story takes you in from the first page and never lets you go.”


This is a true story that is a reflection of a journey, a dream fulfilled and a life well-lived. Shadows over the Sun is not just a tale but a testament of the triumph of determination and optimism in the face of tougher challenges than many of us could imagine surviving. As author Giselle J. Robin narrates her journey, she provides guide and wisdom to those who have trodden the same path as her.


Shadows over the Sun has won the Pinnacle Achievement Award in the USA as best autobiography for 2017.