About the Author

In the past twenty years new forms of autobiography have brought forward many strong voices, especially women’s voices.

This story is such a voice, of one woman’s life. Many rich threads are woven together: being a child in Germany in the Second World War; a successful manager of large government projects; a young wife emigrating to Australia for a new start, and the hard work of starting the first organic winery, in the 1960s, in McLaren Flat, South Australia.

Through these episodes there is the sadness of lost dreams, the heartbreak of losing new love and a new beginning, and the devastation of dealing with the severe difficulties of the onset of mental illness in the bipolar range.

The writer, Giselle J. Robin, is always an agent in her own life: her courage and determination to keep making the most of every new day, even when shadows are cast across the sunlight, is an inspirational story. More than one woman’s story, it also adds to the rich collection of personal stories which contribute to the history of South Australia.